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Episode 5.1 Side 1 of 2: JSJ of The Hushdrops Takes On The Static!!

John San Juan of the Hushdrops gives us an intimate portrait of the latest Hushdrops album, The Static.

Episode 5: The Hushdrops are BACK!!

When the drummer of The Hushdrops Joe Camarillo died, it threw everything for the band into doubt. But John San Juan and Jim Shapiro gathered together with their friends to give Joe a stunning tribute in the form of the band's latest album, The Static. John gives all the details about losing a drummer, gaining a new record label in Pravda Records, and what's next for "Chicago's newest supergroup", The Hushdrops. The Hushdrops are on Bandcamp: https://hushdrops.bandcamp.com/ The Hushdrops are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/93495721346 The Hushdrops are currently Pravda Records recording artists!!! https://www.pravdamusic.com/ Catch the Hushdrops LIVE!! The record release party for their new album The Static is happening on December 10, 2021 at Blue Island Beer Company, in Blue Island, IL.

Episode 4: Lou Heneise

Lou Heneise makes a beguiling, wonderful, optimistic brand of Americana music. Listen to her explain where that music comes from, and what's next! Find out more about Lou Heneise at https://louheneise.com/home and more about this podcast at https://famouscat.transistor.fm

Episode 4.1: The Mother's Day Special, with Lou Heneise

In this mini episode, Illinois singer-songwriter Lou Heneise tells us how being a mother has so profoundly changed her outlook on life, and informed her music. Coming soon: the full Episode 4 containing Lou Heneise. Listen to her music at https://louheneise.com/ and follow her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/louheneisemusic Twitter https://twitter.com/lou_heneise and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lou_heneise_music/ . Follow this podcast at https://famouscat.transistor.fm

Episode 2.3: The JSJ Files, pt. 3: MATERIAL ISSUE!!

John San Juan of the Hushdrops gives us the juicy details of his time touring with Chicago legends Material Issue!!

Episode 2: Hushdrops part 2 of 2

The dramatic conclusion to our profile of Chicago's legendary band The Hushdrops. John San Juan is our guest.

Episode 2.2: The JSJ Files, pt 2: Ness

John San Juan of The Hushdrops gives us all the details about his time in the undersung Chicago band Ness.

Episode 2.1: The JSJ Files, pt. 1: The Webb Brothers

In the debut mini-episode of The JSJ Files, John San Juan of The Hushdrops recounts the wonderful memories and the lessons learned during his tenure with the band The Webb Brothers.

Episode 2: Hushdrops part 1 of 2

John San Juan of the Chicago band The Hushdrops spills all about the many adventures and lessons he's gotten at the helm of one of Chicago's best-kept secrets. This is part one of a two-parter; you won't want to miss it!!

Episode 3.1: You Gotta Hear This Band!! with Max Loebman of ROOKIE

Max Loebman from ROOKIE hips us to 11 new bands who we all need to know. From Australia to Chicago, listen to a free sample of some excellent music made for rock-music-lovers by bands you probably need to hear.

Episode 3: (a band called) ROOKIE

Listen in as Max Loebman from Chicago rockers ROOKIE spills the beans on how to really ROCK, what it's like to tour with Cheap Trick, and the multiple levels of heartbreak and redemption when you're a band releasing an amazing debut album right before the world shuts down. ROOKIE: https://www.rookietheband.com/ https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/album/rookie https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/artist/rookie The Famous Cat Chronicle: https://famouscat.transistor.fm Visit us on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/famouscatchronicle Email us at: fccpod@gmail.com

Episode 1.2: The Hushdrops Become An Overnight Sensation!!

In this mini-episode, John San Juan regales me with the tale of how his band the Hushdrops (which is the next band to be profiled in depth on the Famous Cat Chronicle) came to cover the Raspberries classic "Overnight Sensation". And man, do the Hushdrops NAIL it!! NEW! Purchase every Hushdrops song you could ever want at their brand new Bandcamp website: https://hushdrops.bandcamp.com The Rubinoos get a shoutout on this episode. Hear what they're doing at https://www.rubinoos.com

Episode One: Hop On Pop

On the debut episode of the Famous Cat Chronicle, Todd Leiter-Weintraub of the band Hop On Pop sheds some light on his more-than-20-years of quality tunes and exuberant live shows. Jump on and dig it! Find Hop On Pop on iTunes, Amazon Music, most major streaming platforms, and at https://hoponpop.bandcamp.com/ Watch the upcoming movie “To Us” directed by Zachary D’Antonio and Nicholas J. Direso which features the Hop On Pop song “For My Friends”. More info at https://www.upsetbunnyproductions.com

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