Episode 5.1 Side 1 of 2: JSJ of The Hushdrops Takes On The Static!!

John San Juan of the Hushdrops gives us an intimate portrait of the latest Hushdrops album, The Static.
John San Juan of Chicago's phenomenal supergroup The Hushdrops takes us on a loose track-by-track deep dive into the making of and motivations behind the band's captivating album, The Static. He spills the tea on how the death of their drummer Joe Camarillo affected the conception and execution of the recording sessions and the assembly of the album itself, about cosmic gifts from beyond, and so much more!! And even better? There's a part two (no, a SIDE 2!!) to this episode in the works!! 

The Hushdrops' latest album is available to buy on LP, CD, and digital from Pravda Records, wherever you buy your tunes!! https://pravdamusic.com/album/2067945/the-static 

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